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    East Village rooftops | Manhattan New York City

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  • I swear since that song came out I’ve been hearing ” about a week ago” more often in regular conversations

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    children wake up early because they still get excited about life

    this is the saddest thing I’ve seen on here

    Oh my God…….

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  • Psychic Louis

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    To a Harry Potter fan, sociology is just a fancy word for Muggle Studies. 

    By Stacy, who blogs at

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    doin’ sociology homework like “sounds like a lot of capitalist bullshit”

    "still sounding like a lot of capitalist bullshit"

    "this is truly, all capitalist bullshit"

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  • Anyone in the Austin, Tx area play basketball?

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    I was going to do all the colors of the rainbow but couldn’t go on. 

    Google is so bleached that when you insert girl, it only means white girl. No other girl exists except white girl. You must insert ℮✖◎⊥ḯ¢ type of girl, because they are a different type of girl. 

    - Jess

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    People are literally dying because of racism but folks want us to stop talking about it because it’s “unnecessary” and it “makes them uncomfortable”.

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  • John Storey, Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: An Introduction (6th Edition)

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  • "Blackness is a sign of ethnicity, whereas whiteness is supposedly just a sign of the human. Also, when a black person speaks she will be expected to speak on behalf of other black people, whereas a white person speaks as an individual or for humanity as a whole. When black people are discussed they are discussed as black people, whereas when white people are discussed they are discussed as people."